A recent article title has Filipino netizens swooning. The headline said that Angelina Jolie wished that America had a Rodrigo Duterte, and Filipino fans went crazy on the internet. 

The article talked about how Angelina and Brad Pitt broke up because Brad Pitt was alleged to be consuming weed and massive amounts of alcohol. 
Last Monday, the famous Hollywood celebrity couple was on the verge of divorce, with Jolie citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason of the divorce.
The actress Angelina filed a divorce from her husband Pitt due to anger, conflict with their children, and alleged Brad use of illegal substance.
“I really think that abusing of any form of drugs should be completely eradicated. Especially here in America where anyone can buy the drug of their choice almost  anywhere. 
I hope we find a Rodrigo Duterte to solve these growing problem that affects numerous American household,” said by Jolie quoted by PH News.

The news was then confirmed to be a satire, and was just edited by Filipino satire websites.

Angelina Jolie: America Needs Duterte
Source: TNP , Philnews

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