“Tayong mga senador, nagiimbestiga. ‘Di magpo-protekta sa witness. ‘Yun po ang rules natin dito." These was how Sen. Manny Pacquiao took a swipe at another newbie colleague, Leila de Lima during the 4th Senate hearing on Thursday, September 22 into the spate of extrajudicial killings under the administration.

De Lima, asked the panel to allow witness Edgar Matobato to finish his explanations. This came after several senators were continuously asking questions to Matobato while the witness was not yet done answering a previous question. “Again I go back to my appeal earlier. Iwasan po natin ang misleading. Kapag naman po siguro meron syang ineexplain, hayaan naman po siya para makaexplain,” De Lima said. After the lady senator’s statement, Pacquiao asked to be recognized and raised Senate rules.

In an apparent swipe at De Lima, Pacquiao said senators are there to test the witness’ credibility and not to defend anyone. “What I understand, Mr Chairman, ito ay inquiry sa isang witness para pakinggan ang statement ng witness. Hindi natin dedepensahan sya kundi i-examine kung nagsasabi ng totoo (this is an inquiry into a witness to hear his statement. We are not here to defend him but to examine if his statements are true),” Pacquiao said.


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wilmer said... September 22, 2016 at 6:43 AM

I am very impressed with Senator Pacquiao.. he is learning fast and very smart. I was one of his critics when he was running for senate because of his poor performance in the house of representative but i think he is compensating it now as a Senator. Kudos !!!!!

wilmer said... September 22, 2016 at 7:22 AM

De Lima is just digging her own political grave by being an attack dog of the opposition. She should have smelled the roses first and took note of the 90% approval rating of the administration before provoking such controversy.She knows it in her mind that she won her sit in the Senate because of the computer manipulation so she will not get any sympathy from the masses.Sandra Cam has been exposing her but was ignored when their Party were still in power and now it looks like there is credibility to those accusations. De Lima should have kept her mouth shut and stop adding fuel to the fire that will eventually roast her. She should have taken hint from SC Judge Sereno who backed down right away from Duterte after He asked Sereno if he would rather declare Martial Law?The new hit movie in the making is called Sex Politics and Drugs starring award winning Leila De Lima.

Roberto Salgado said... September 22, 2016 at 4:27 PM

kaya lahat ng haters ni pacquiao kinain niyo sinabi niyo hahahaha