Congressman and former Manila mayor Lito Atienza was thankful that President Duterte won, because of the current administration mission to completely destroy the protectors of illegal drugs in the Philippines. The Lawmaker also admitted that he did not support President Duterte during the campaign because of they are in the different party, but he was thankful that a politician like him won the Presidency.

Atienza was also afraid that Philippines could be the next Columbia or Mexico if Duterte didn’t win.

“Paano kung hindi siya ang nanalo? Baka dumating ang oras na masahol pa ang bansa natin sa Columbia o Mexico” Lito Atienza said to his post
He also urged that De Lima’s case should be brought to the court because they already gathered many evidences against the former Department of Justice Secretary.
Months ago, Lito Atienza slammed the Duterte administration for only killing “small fries” in war on drugs.


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