>President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration is not quite 100 days old yet, but to some senators, it feels like it’s already years old.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson is one of these senators, as he cited several events and developments involving the new administration.

Kung naguusap-usap kami ng mga senador, nakakailang taon ba tayo? Parang napakahabang panahon na sa dami ng kaganapan at developments, hindi mo iisiping wala pang 100 days,” he said in a radio interview Saturday.

The Duterte administration is to mark its first 100 days in October.

Lacson said Duterte hit the ground running, especially in going after the illegal drug trade.

“Siguro dala na rin sa araw-araw, napakaraming balitang nasasagap, napakaraming nangyayari napapatay. So parang pinikit mo ang mata mo at sinara mo ang utak mo muna gaano katagal, iisipin mo talagang napakahabang panahon na siyang president,” he said.

But he said the fight against drugs has gained headway, with the two-pronged strategy of supply and demand reduction raising prices of illegal drugs.


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wilmer said... September 24, 2016 at 6:17 AM

This is the truth....It is putting Congress and the Judicial system into shame.In less that 100 days.. problems that existed for ages had been solved overnight.Freedom of Information is a classic example.Balik Bayan tampering solved, tanim bala at the airport stopped,one stop for OFW paper works,911 for emergency,888 for complaints,peace quietness and safety on neighborhoods.Congress is given a single task to give Duterte Emergency powers to solve traffic and Congress does not comprehend what emergency is and is taking them months to figure it out.