Social media blogger Mocha Uson got the attention of a Swedish news program due to her support with President Rodrigo Duterte.
The Mocha Girls lead singer and self-proclaimed Duterte Die-Hard supporter or more known as DDS was interviewed by Susan Ritzen, the Asia correspondent of Swedish Television.

In the interview, she defended on why she continue supporting the President despite the criticisms that he is always facing.
Uson claims that Duterte is the first president of the country to recognize and focus on the problems of drugs, discarding previous president's effort on eradicating drugs during their period.

She also said that her blog serves as a "central of information" for people who do not want to get information from mainstream media since they think it's all biased.

Moreover, she also boasted that the country is better now under Duterte's hand and the media is the "enemy of change" since they always report Duterte's mishaps from verbal attacks up to his tolerance of extrajudicial killing as a way to fight drugs.

She also asked the international media to stop destabilizing the country and look at the bright side of what's happening here.

Source: TNP , ClassifiedTrends

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