Recently, Duterte has consecutively appeared in many international headlines on his strong statements and his ways on the administration's war on drugs. Following the European Union statement of resolution urging the Philippine Authorities to immediately conduct a through investigation on the rising death toll related to illegal drugs.

But in a speech of President Duterte at Camp Vicente Alagar in Cagayan de Oro last Thursday, he lashed out on Human rights advocates saying that it was not his order to kill innocent people on his war on drugs. He stated: 
"There is no law at all, mind you, human rights commission. Tarantado pala kayo. There is no law. There has to be a law. Do not keep on complaining about my mouth because my mouth is not the problem. It cannot bring down a country, but it can erase a generation of right-thinking Filipinos,"

"Ang isyu dito hindi ang bunganga ko. And they are saying, the ratings sa business, sa economy. So be it, lumayas kayo. Then we will start on our own. I can go to China, I can go to Russia. I had a talk with them, they are waiting for me. So what the hell?" 

"That is why I use slur, slang. Why? Nakakawala kayo ng respeto because you don't even investigate,"

He then invited the United Nations and the European Union to investigate on the PH's context before condemning his ways.
'T*rantado pala kayo. There has to be a law.' Duterte Lashes Out on CHR!
Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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aroc blaze said... November 14, 2016 at 4:39 PM

Dapat talaga murahin ng paulit ulit yang si Eta tanda Rosales na yan! Mga inutil yang mga Human Rights Advocates na yan, they are all self serving!!! Mga tarantado at pinakatarantado si Tandang Eta!!!!