Duterte Promise Two Helicopters To Boost Philippine Coast Guard Search And Rescue Operations The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) will receive two helicopters as promised by President Rodrigo Duterte, PCG spokesperson said on Saturday. Armand Balilo, PCG spokesperson, said that he heard President Duterte promised to Commandant Rear Admiral William Melad that the PCG will receive two new helicopters in addition to the newly acquired equipment of the PCG.

"I heard President Duterte say 'You will get it.' President Duterte assured the Commandant that we would get the two helicopters that were already included in the budget but was not signed before the term of former President Simeon Benigno Aquino III ended on June 30," Balilo said to media. Commandant Melad told President Duterte that the PCG would need two helicopters to enhance its rescue and search operations during calamity. Duterte gave his promised while Melad as the PCG chief assisted the President during the tour inside the newly commissioned BRP Tubbataha on the PCG's 115th founding anniversary.

"These could be utilized in the conduct of air drop of relief goods, dropping of rescue swimmers, immediate medical evacuation of a ship's crewmember out at sea, and air evacuation of people trapped on roofs and on trees during calamities," he said. Aside from the promised two new helicopters, Duterte had also approved the additional two coast guard ships from Japan aside from the plan to buy two ships from France. By 2018, the PCG will fully acquired ten new units of 44-meter vessel from Japan.

Source: facebook, President Mayor Duterte of the Philippines - NIR

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