A news editorial has gone viral on the internet after accumulating more than 20K shares on Facebook in just 10 hours after being uploaded.

However, Filipinos are slamming the writer for the “wrongportrayal of President Duterte, as the writer labeled him as a “demonic” force.

Ted Laguatan of Inquirer.net wrote an article that states how the Philippines is being taken over by a demonic force, saying that President Duterte and his actions that “is not leading our people to a better life. 

He claims that he is a leader full of demons who brings death and sufferings to so many — and expresses vicious hostility to world leaders and other nations.”

The article was based on the logic that the Bible brings when it comes to the activities of the president, saying that for people such as ourselves, the only important priority of our lives to reach our highest spiritual potential and save our mortal souls.
Laguatan asks how the Philippines, a widely Catholic country, has come to accept the fact that it is now supporting mass murder as the medium for national peace. 

He also expressed how much hatred Duterte shows toward other human beings such as US President Obama or the Pope, and even to God Himself by his foul language. 

To end, Laguatan said, “The many good hearted decent Filipinos who want Duterte removed from office are not without support in this fight between good and evil. 

The whole civilized world is with us in this noble endeavor. Filipinos will soon realize that their worst enemy and the worst criminal in the Philippines is Duterte himself.”
Source: TNP, Inquirer

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