A netizen posted a photo of a 911 response team helping an injured man. It was captioned “I did not vote for him, I did not like him at first but I was impressed with this after calling 911, in 3 minutes there they are! Thank you Mr. President!” Harold John’s post quickly became viral with over 2,800 likes, 1,371 shares, and 114 comments from people who are Duterte supporters since then and those who have ‘changed sides’.

According to him, he was playing Pokemon Go in Bacolod Plaza when the man being aided—allegedly deranged—collapsed on the ground. The comments section was flooded with the sentiments of those who are also very appreciative of the intentions of President Rodrigo Duterte. One netizen called on to the people to support the President especially now that he is being criticized by the media and other groups.

Some also pointed out how the man was wearing a yellow baller (a famous campaign paraphernalia of Mar Roxas) and joked about it. Others from Davao said that this is just one of the effective programs of the President in their province. There were also some who claimed that the unit is located in front of the plaza, thus, the quick response. However, it was overshadowed by the effectiveness of the 911 hotline project. ASCS

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