Campaign spoeksman Peter Laviña of President Rodrigo Duterte bangs diocesans, rights teams as well as so-called “presstitutes” on their silence on outrageous criminal offenses like rape-killings, amidst their objections of the government’s war on controlled substances.

Lavina made a Facebook blog post roughly a photo of a nine-year-old lady raped as well as murdered, along with his objection of today government’s doubters.
” Truly nauseous– Nine year-old raped and also murdered as well as we haven’t listened to condemning this harsh act from human rightists, bishops as well as ‘presstitutes’ who are thwarting the government’s battle versus drugs and also criminal activity. To name a few, they are a lot more worried about the human legal rights of criminals and also worried concerning our nation’s so-called ‘image’ abroad,” he stated.

He however did not reveal any information regarding the murder.

Lavina said some doubters of Duterte’s anti-drug project “clearly display elitist way of thinkings in attempting to stay on top of the Joneses to be good in appearances however rotten to the core.”

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Sol Sam said... October 18, 2016 at 11:29 PM

CHR are all biashed sharks lurking the in the Philippine sea waiting to eat and strike at Duterte's advocates. It's very obvious what side they are protecting, they are just like the people from American Writers reviews who have no sense of responsibility and are money suckers.