You don’t see a President do this everyday, the highest official of the land President Rodrigo Duterte shows his respects to Sec. Taguiwalo’s mother while in Bacolod for the Masakara Festival is viral in social media.

Taguiwalo’s mother, 97, was in a wheelchair to welcome the president when he grab her arm and do a customary “pagmamano”, this shows you respect the older person.

Nanay got to meet President Digong and Sec Bong Go before the start of the program to open the 2016 Masskara Festival of Bacolod City! Nagmano ang dalawa as she is 97 years old and will be turning 98 next month. Like Pres. Digong’s mother, Nanay was a public school teacher.

Head the Presidential Management Staff Christopher ‘Bong’ Go also shows his respect to the 97 year old lady.

source: buzz.definitelyfilipino.com/

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