MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The Russian government has included the Philippines in its 2017 budget to create two million jobs in the country.

Reading the budget to the 616-member parliament, termed the Federal Assembly, the leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, said creating more jobs in the Filipino country would strengthen ties between the country and also serve as source for raw materials for Russian manufacturers.

The budget disclosed that, the two million jobs would be spread across the sectors of Agriculture, Banking, Manufacturing, Mining, Vocational Education, Construction, Creative Arts, Engineering, ICT, Shipbuilding and repair, Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics.

The budget added that, a number of Filipino students, which would be decided by the parliament would be given scholarships to study in Russia.

The jobs creation which would move Philippines on the economic ladder would cost Russia $15 billion.

Russia has expressed much interest in the Philippines since its newly president Rodrigo Duterte shown signs of ending ties with the United States.

Political science experts have suggested that Russia could be the reason for Duterte’s actions against the United States while others claim Putin might have played a role in Duterte’s ascension to the throne of Presidency.


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