De La Salle University's Political Science professor Antonio Contreras, who has been vocal about his support for Duterte, claimed this Monday that he has received threats and experienced cyberbullying from people who he claimed are "yellows". Contreras said he would not name these people but would only refer as the color of their political party.

He said a blog was developed by one of them which is solely devoted to convict him as a plagiarist. He claimed that another posted in social media and libeled his family by impugning the honor of his daughters. He also claimed that people are attacking him on Twitter, while some were bold enough to message him privately. Contreras also reported that a man who goes by the name of Jose Bonifacio has been emailing his colleagues and students in La Salle, demanding tha he be censured, "All of these constitute cyberbullying" Contreras wrote. He said he is now in the belief that the yellows are becoming desperate in their obviously failing attempt to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

"And now they want to turn their ire on people like me and Mocha." he said. "I have news for them. They can try, but I am going to make sure they will fail." he added. Read full statement of Mr. Antonio P. Contreras:


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