We hardly noticed that it's already past a hundred days when President Rodrigo Duterte's term entered. 

Aside from his controversial strides to end the life of drugs in the Philippines, there are a lot of really nice things he has already done and seemingly, the mainstream media doesn't sway their heads on them.

Our hope for just and lasting peace has risen once again with the coming of President Rodrigo Duterte, the peace talks — not just with the Muslim rebels, but even with the Communist Party of the Philippines — have gotten a much needed shot in the arm.
Just recently, what we all were not informed with,  Duterte hosted a dinner — a first in Philippine history dinner — with the government and CPP negotiators in Malacañan Palace. More than just a meeting over a meal, this signified the government’s sincere efforts to come to terms with a rebellion that has claimed thousands of Filipino lives from both sides for a long time.

Yet despite all these efforts to bring peace and unity to the to the country, there is very little mention about the them in the local and international mainstream media. When we see headlines, most of them are just all about the drug war he is heading, and the Extra Judicial Killings.

It's as if there's a force that hinders the credit due for the President.

They own media companies, they are of authority and power over the nation through its manipulative schemes. And supporters of Duterte is not happy with that by seeing the 71-year old man working so hard for the country without even the recognition.

But still the people know of his motives and maybe that's enough for Duterte. Support and Respect, are greater than credits for the President.
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Source: TNP , Mindanation

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