Senator Leila De Lima has lodged a proposal with the Philippines Senate Seeking to place a ban on the use of social media in the country.

According to De Lima, the social media has been abused by the Filipino youth and the addiction is growing rapidly. She added that, the high rate of unemployment is not because there are no jobs, but it's because the youth are lazy.

"They would rather spend time on the internet spreading false information about me. It will be banned" - She said.
According to the senator, the youth do not have any plans of seekign for employment or higher education but spend all their time on Facebook spreading malicious information about her.

"I understand they want to support their leader. Yes, I have no problem but you don`t spend all your precious time circulating bad information about me while you could have used that to work. This is a complete laziness" - De Lima said.

Series of fake reports have been circulating online about the senator with some suggesting that she has resigned from here post. |She has therefore atttributed the situation to laziness among the youth of the country.


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