Germany said they are willing to assist the Philippines in the shift of goverment system from unitary to federal.

Federalism is being pushed by the lawmakers and civil society groups.
In a speech before the Global Autonomy,Governance and Federalism(GAGF)Forum 2016 held in Makati, Michael Hasper said, “We are happy to share our experience with a federal system and contribute to discussion in other countries”

Hasper said there was “General Interest” from the both foundation and the embassy about discussion on the shift to federalism, one of President Duterte’s advocacies.

Hasper pointed out that there are many different types of federalism and that “a federal constitution can be sucessful if it fits the needs of a country and its people.”

he also said that in Germany, Federalism does not only provide more autonomy to the individual states to raise taxes and exercise political powers but also serves as “an instrument to foster political participation and democracy” [source]

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