Ilocos Norte Governor and daughter of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, Gov. Imee Marcos answered brilliantly the intriguing questions thrown at her during an exclusive interview with Karen Davila on ANC's Headstart. Despite the fact the questions thrown by the veteran TV host, as one of the bias media, Gov. Marcos remained composed and explained the side of the Marcos family.

Watch the Video Interview of Gov. Marcos by Karen Davila:

Gov. Marcos called on the attentions of the new generations and the future generations of the country, and for history to put on record as well and let them judge because this is extremely intelligent millennial generations.

Although the video posted by ANC Headstart on their official YouTube accounts seems to favor the one statement said by Gov. Marcos Marcos that she asserted about that the burial at the LNMB doesn't make him a hero, netizens were quick to depend the Governor and attacked the alleged bias questioning of Karen Davila and the unfair headlines of ABS-CBN.

Karen Davila also posted that Gov. Imee Marcos says the family does not want a state funeral for Pres. Ferdinand Marcos but only a "soldier's burial."

Here's the Statement of Karen Davila on Twitter:

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Pro Marcos and Pro Duterte said... November 15, 2016 at 8:28 AM

YES, HE HAS FULL RIGHTS TO BE BURIED AT LNMB! Not only was FERDINAND E. MARCOS ONE OF THE BEST PRESIDENT THE PHILIPPINES HAS EVER KNOWN, but also because he has done so much for the country. He has done wrongs, no doubt but he has done SO MUCH GOOD TOO. unlike the presidents "after him"! Now, we are fortunate to have DUTERTE! Another president to be proud of. Let's get rid of all yellow aquinos who did more wrong than most.