In the Senate Session today, November 15, 2016, (resumes at 2:30 PM today) about the 2017 budget allotted for government departments, especially for education and health, Senator Loren Legarda called Senator Recto ‘BALIW’, meaning ‘CRAZY’ in English.

This started when the two was having a healthy arguments about the 2017 budget on health and education. While Senator Legarda and Senator Recto was having what seemed to be a logical and reasonable discussion, it turned out to be a heated debate. The ‘Baliw’ word which came out from Legarda’s mouth, started when Recto seemed to condescend and patronize Legarda calling their tandem as RALPH LAUREN, a popular brand in fashion and perfume.

Legarda then remembers streets in Manila and joked ‘Recto corner Legarda Street.’

Legarda still can’t get over with the Ralph Lauren saying she had not thought about that. Then she called him ‘BALIW.’

It was a friendly gesture, a joke. But it looks like Recto was getting into Legarda’s nerves.

Watch the video below and you judge:


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