Respect the Supreme Court’s decision, forgive the late President Ferdinand Marcos, and move on. This was the statement of Sen. Manny Pacquiao on Tuesday following the Supreme Court's decision allowing the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. “Intindihin natin yung Constitution. Kung Constitution ang pagbabasehan natin, once na ikaw ay naging presidente at elected ka, you have the right. Kung baga qualify ka na ilibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani,” Pacquialo told reporters upon his return at the Senate.

“At saka para sa akin, if we are claiming God, if we’re claiming that we believe God, we should forgive others,” he added. Asked if he had any message to those opposing the Marcos burial at the heroes’ cemetery, Pacquiao said: “Kung kayo naniwala sa Panginoon, ang Panginoon nagpapatawad, tayo pa kaya hindi tayo makapagpatawad di ba? Especially para lang sa paglibing.” In the first place, he said, burying Marcos at the heroes’ cemetery was not against the law, pointing out that he was elected president. “Intindihin na lang natin. Para sa akin yung sugat siguro naghilom naman siguro yun, move on tayo,” Pacquiao said. “Ipasa-Diyos na lang natin kasi siya lang ang pwedeng maghusga, siya lang ang pwedeng magtanim ng galit sa atin, hindi tayong tao ang pwedeng magtanim ng galit sa kapwa natin,” he added.

Asked about the “dictator” tag on the late strongman, Pacquiao pointed out that Marcos was elected President first before he became dictator. “Alam ba natin na magiging diktador sya noong nahalal sya as president? Sabihin natin diktador sya, nahalal sya e, binoto ng tao,” he said. “Anyway, i-respeto natin yung Supreme Court, kahit ano pang gawin natin, kahit ano pang opinion natin tapos na ang decision ng Supreme Court, e respetuhin na lang natin ang decision ng Supreme Court,” Pacquiao added.

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Daniel Cabanilla said... November 10, 2016 at 12:56 AM

Excuse me! No deception please! Marcos was already forgiven in so many ways. His body was allowed to be brought home. But burying him or not in LNMB is another matter. It is not an issue of forgiveness. It is the issue of whether markos is a hero or not, about his victims, issue of hidden wealth.

But if we ever dig on the issue of forgiveness again, there are only three elements here that will help us enlighten others.

1. Did Marcos or anyone among his closest relatives express regret or remorse of the bad things they have done to our country?

2. Did Marcos or anyone among his closest relatives confronted the human right victims? Was there at least minimum of five victims agreed that markos can now be buried in LNMB?

3. Did Marcos or any of his closest relative surrender those hidden wealth they stole? Some were already retrieved but the markoses did not voluntarily surrender them, did they?

Here we can also say if the Supreme Court enlightened us with justice. Simply they fail us!

The issue here is the remorseless of the marcoses, about their victims and stolen wealth, not the compassion of the bishop on the victims whose wounds are still to be healed and many Filipinos deprived some of their wealth.

We do not have the right at all to forgive those who did not offended us. That is both stupidity and deception. Only the human right victims and the offended have the right to forgive.

And in regards to those stolen wealth, we are all victims. But how can we forgive anyone who did not feel sorry, nor express repentance? Apology? No remorse at all?

We must remember that any criminal who show no remorse always get the maximum verdict. For the sake of justice, no exceptions pleas

junfeliz said... November 10, 2016 at 10:59 PM

... listen to your own reasoning. you cannot forgive somebody who doesn't apologize or repent. if the marcos family apologizes, then you forgive them. so how about FM himself, you will never forgive him coz he can no longer apologize or repent coz he is a dead man. so you will never move on...