People are still wondering where the funds for Yolanda victims went. However, no clear answers have not yet been given with regards to this matter. A video posted by ‘Duterte Today’ on YouTube tackled the controversial ‘Typhoon Yolanda’. Clips on how Typhoon Yolanda swept Tacloban were featured in the video. Also, some clips of the gruesome aftermath of the incident were also in the video.

There is also a part where Mayor Alfred Romualdez was saying his concerns about the government not fully giving their support to Tacloban. Alongside the clip was Mar Roxas saying, “You’re a Romuladez and the President is an Aquino.”

On the later part of the video, the video asked “Nasaan na ang ponda para sa mga taga- Tacloban?” The video elaborated that the government received PhP 15,216,778,320.48 funds from Foreign Aid and PhP 71,701,510,452.40 were foreign aid pledges.

Despite the large amount of funds which were donated and pledged, many people at that time were not able to feel that there is help given to them.

Reports claim that there were relief goods that got spoiled. Because of the situation, the people were left with no choice but to consume the spoiled relief goods. 

In conclusion of the video uploaded by ‘Duterte Today’, it says, “Hindi pa rin kami nakalimot, ngunit sila nakalimot na,” while featuring a picture of former DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, former President Pnoy Aquino and former DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman.
Source: TNP , YouTube

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